PMO Trends 2019

Learn more about the largest PMO online conference in the world


– What is the future of PMOs and project management practices?

– What would be the way forward to ensure the existence and effectiveness of our PMOs in the coming years?

– What are the alternatives we have today to begin to transform our PMOs and make them capable of generating effective value in an increasingly challenging future?

– What is the real PMO innovation-driven path to results?

The truth is that we still do not have answers to all these questions.

Almost all of the events on PMOs or Project Management focus on success stories, which leads us “to drive into the future using only the rearview mirror,” as stated by Marshall McLuhan, Canadian Educator and Philosopher.

The PMO Trends Conference was inspired by emergent needs and demands detected in the worldwide PMO professionals community managed by PMO Global Alliance.
In recent months, after conducting detailed surveys with thousands of PMO Global Alliance members in more than 100 countries, we conclude that there is still much to discuss the real trends for PMOs and project management.

In this way, we have identified the top topics that can help us think about the future and provide us insights that will support building new paths and innovative solutions to the challenges of the next decade.

The 2019 PMO Trends Conference was thought of as a unique opportunity to learn more about these ideas and experiences and the paths that PMO professionals around the world believe that can help us create the answers we are looking for.


Conference Frequently Asked Questions


What is the PMO Trends Conference?

PMO Trends Conference is the only major online conference in the world, focused on Project Management Offices and related topics.

Who is the conference audience?

The conference will attract more than 10,000 attendees from around the world, among PMO practitioners, consultants, project managers and students interested in learning about key trends in PMOs and project management in the world.

Who is the conference organizer?

PMO Trends is organized by PMO Global Alliance, the largest worldwide community of PMO professionals.


What topics will be covered in the conference?

The main objective of this conference is to discuss the main trends for PMOs and Project Management practices, divided into 10 focus areas: Advanced Leadership; Agile & Beyond; Applied Neuroscience; Artificial Intelligence; Benefits Management; Big Data; Blockchain; Change Management; Data Analytics; Digital Transformation; Digitalisation and Cloud Solutions; Emotional Intelligence; Governance; Hybrid Approaches; Internet of Things; Lean Management; Portfolio Management; Remote Teams; Soft Skills; and Wearable Technologies.

What are the tracks available at the conference?

The conference sessions will be organized into six main tracks, which will define the type of each session: Creative Insights; Practice Experience; Case Study; How To Do; Research; and Vendor Solution.

Are the sessions adequate for all levels of experience?

According to the approach and the subject being discussed, each session is identified as appropriate for one of three types of audience: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.


Who are the Conference Speakers?

The conference will have around 150 speakers from more than 50 different countries. They are practitioners, specialists and researchers and will share knowledge, experience and ideas that will contribute to give to the audience a broad insight into the key trends and the future of PMOs.

How can I become a conference speaker?

The conference speakers are selected through a peer-reviewed process, with evaluations conducted by top experts in the field, members of the PMO global community. You can submit up to three session proposals.


Can I attend the sessions for free?

Yes! Register for free and with your Member Pass you will be able to attend all sessions, which will be available for 48 hours from the scheduled time of each session.

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