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16 Dec 2019
Day 2
17 Dec 2019
Day 3
18 Dec 2019
Day 4
19 Dec 2019
Day 5
20 Dec 2019

Analyzing and Developing Remedies for the Main Competences of Your PMO Team

In this session, the audience will realize the most important PMO team members competencies as they are set of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to achieve the success of your PMO. The audience will be able also to figure out...
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Mohamed Naser

The Importance of PMO to Support the Board in Digital Transformation

In this 30-minute session, we aim to briefly explain how the PMO can support top organization in digital transformation. The word digital transformation is the word of the moment, but without efficient PMO management that supports strategic planning to support...
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Alexandre de Lima Lopes 🇧🇷

Agile PMO – Benefits and Value

PMO which is a key driver to manage portfolio of projects to ensure the success is achieved by following PM Governance, Process and Procedure. These process and procedures are established and maintained by the PMO Governance Team. Currently Agile being...
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Agile PMO – Benefits and Value

Questioning the PMO value

In this session, the audience will get to understand the factors that made many PMOs fail and only a few succeed. It will focus on the critical success factors of a PMO to succeed especially in the emerging markets.
Bayhas Al Sawady

PMO’s tole in an Agile world. Measuring project outcome not the output

Learn how Agile techniques can be combined with planned approach and Lean Six Sigma to support Agile adoption.
Dan Roman 🇦🇺

Strategic Roadmap Bridge to PMO Governance

Traditionally, there is tunnel vision or sacred cows between the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Business Unit, and PMO Governance because of the silo mentality; by syncing the shared strategic vision with tactical execution the gap is closed!  Syncing the strategic...
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Dennis Wiggins

Hybrid Project Management approach applied in startups environment

In this session the audience will see how hybrid project management approaches can be used at startups. The speaker will show you the framework she has been working at a Brazilian EdTech to help teams delivery ideas into successful projects....
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Thais Sampaio 🇧🇷

PMO’s – Strategy Execution Vehicles

Main Topics: a. Corporate Strategies and PMO Alignments; b. Strategy Implementation Roadmaps through portfolio planning; c. Execution through effective resource capability & capacity management; d. Strategy Implementation successes and portfolio benefit realisation management; e. Future trends in PMOs as drivers...
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Ziyanda Mzamo

PMO of the Future: Maximising the Flow of Valuable Work

In this session the audience will be shown how a PMO can evolve and optimise their value-add by helping teams to focus on flow and giving them tools to identify the most valuable work. The session will offer up a...
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Kerry Gregory

X-Ray of the Project Portfolio With Design Thinking

The use of X-rays allows us to obtain images of the body’s insides to view a particular part. The images are intended for observation in order to reach various diagnoses. We would like to do something similar with a project...
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Lourdes Medina

Lean-Agile PMO: fashion statement or future of PMO?

In this session, audience will get to know about experience of implementation of Lean-Agile PMO in LafargeHolcim Russia: challenge of building a PMO in way of implementation of principles of simplification & agility in the one hand, and strategic business...
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Ekaterina Rozhkova

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Project Management Office (PMO)

The digital era has changed the dimension of every business. The needs of organizations and stakeholders have evolved as new technologies and business models disrupt operations and the creation of value across every industry. About 65% of projects do not...
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Abdulla Al

Is the Project Management Office still fit for purpose?

It’s not unusual for PMO to lag behind Project Management evolution; however, it’s now to the point that it is no longer delivering its intended value. Smart organisations understand that proven project management practices lead to greater success and less...
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Fatimah Abbouchi 🇦🇺

Role and Value of a PMO in WAgile delivery within a complex business environment

In this session, the audience will be able to explore the concept of the “hybrid” delivery approach and understand if this is the optimal way to deliver changes in today’s fast paced, customer-centric environment. It is an opportunity to understand...
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Shonal Patel

Project stakeholder engagement: What the PMO should do, could do and mustn’t do in promoting better stakeholder engagement

This session covers: 1. Good practices for the PMO in supporting stakeholder engagement with examples 2. The difference between role-based and agenda-based stakeholders and why it matters 3. What should the PMO be monitoring with respect to stakeholders 4. How...
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Louise Worsley

Connecting the dot: The main steps to reach out high performance in your PMO

The world is changing faster and we need to adapt not just our process, we need to adapt our self and our mindset to rich out our target. Digital transformation and PMO need to have a connection to evolve together...
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Mariela Aranda 🇦🇷

Key Challenges to establish PMO setup in Government Organization (Specific aviation Industry)

In this session I will discuss how to successfully established PMO setup in aviation industry and main challenges and issues encountered during setting up a PMO structure.   Main Topics: PMO Key Strategy PMO Functions PMO maturity assessment Benefit realization...
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Muhammad Fazil Aqil

PMO in 5 days

This is first session about PMO main services and functions in establish and operate PMO
Ahmad Hammoud

PMO trends under a hybrid view

In this session, the audience will a way to avaliate the best practices to apply on your PMO efforts. Main Topics: Reference: using some sources for Benchmarking, Top Drivers and Strategy to Execute, the text tries to define some guides...
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Moacyr Blondet 🇧🇷

Importance of PMO in Social Projects

The PMO is a department is vital for any company, and is not only focused to private or public organization. Social project management involves reaching the strategic goals of the organization through the effort of a whole team. The results contribute...
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Bianca Puello 🇩🇴

How value driven projects feeds portfolio strategy

In this session, the audience will be able to understand how a PMO went from governance driven to value delivery driven, and specially how the use of financial results, qualitative and quantitative gains helped us to show the importance of...
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Rodrigo Carvalho 🇧🇷
Marcelo Domingues 🇧🇷

Upgrade Your PMO Using Business Intelligence Tools

In this session, we will present how we utilized some of the Business Intelligence tools to upgrade and optimize our PMO functions, through two parts: I. Part One –IRiS Dashboards: What issues we were facing The integration of Microsoft Project...
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Thaer Al-Athamneh

The Self-Aware Project Leader

In this session the audience will discover the tops reasons why developing EQ today is a strategic necessity for PMs, discover how to determine your level of EQ, review the top EQ competencies and establish how to leverage these untapped...
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Naomi Caietti

PMO Hybrid successfully led from strategy to execution

In this session, the audience will understand how PMO Hybrid we can successfully led from strategy (a conceptual vision) to execution (a conceptual operational vision) Main Topics: Main Strategy PMO Concepts PMO strategy vision PMI Conceptual Strategy PMO vs Senior...
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Leonardo Reyes

PMO Practices for Cloud Managed Service Program

In this session, the audience will be briefed about the cloud Managed service Program from the process and program point of view, and how the PMO practices can propose value addition to run the program smoothly. First, the presenter will...
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Minaketan Dash

Operational Excellence through PMO

In this session I would like to explain how the different services of PMO will help the companies to improve their operational execution, not only of projects, but also of Business Change management, benefit follow up, service introduction management, etc....
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Outi Nystrom

Building PMO: lessons learned or how to reach the goal

In this session, I will critically analyze all the experience of how we did our PMO. What was done correctly, what could be done better, major steps and outcomes. The audience will have a chance to look into their current...
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Maksim Grinevich 🇧🇾

PMO for the Smart Cities, the next step

The audience will be able to understand the approach of the projects applied in a smart city, how to manage these projects and how a PMO inside the municipal government structure will helps in the efficient execution of these projects,...
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Jonathan Zerpa

Thinking outside the triangle: Project Management Bricolage

Adopting a clearly defined methodology to manage a project is not just usual but also rightly considered to be a best practice. However, blindly applying a best practice or a methodology may not always be the best course of action,...
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Marisa Silva

PMO as a way of delivering company’s strategy

In this session the audience will see an approach of how to set up a strategic PMO, including positioning the PMO into the organization’s hierarchy, how to define the PMO “menu” (the pool of services that delivers most value), the...
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Anderson Veronezi 🇧🇷

Benefits realisation management and the PMO – trends and challenges

In this session the audience will start by watching an overview on benefits realisation management (BRM) best practices that is going to be compared with a list of BRM practices that are reportedly being used by around 90 PMO practitioners...
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Carlos Serra

PMO in consulting companies: Ruling Chaos

In this session the audience will find the keys to set up and run a PMO in a Consulting company. Typically Consulting companies face very varied work environments when they put themselves in front of hundreds of clients. The problems...
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Hector Vega

Agility versus Traditional Project Management: which is better

Agility is now common. Project management had to adapt, as IT projects become adopting agile practices in recent years. In many cases, traditional project management and agility are still seen as two diametrically opposed ways. Some swear by one and...
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Wassim Bouaziz

PMO, a path towards the transformation of the State

In this session, the audience will learn about the experience of developing and implementing good practices for project management in the argentine parliament, specifically in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, as a unique and innovative case in the...
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Paloma Martín 🇦🇷

The Importance of the Project Management Office (PMO) in Government Organizations (Challenges and Opportunities)

It is not possible to talk about effective project management without talking about the clarity of the strategy and objectives; the strategy is the road map that will move you from your current location (A) to your desired location (B)....
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Osama A. Tumi

EPMO: Putting the pieces together as a true game changer!

One of the greatest challenges in regards to implementing a successful PMO, is being able to deal with continuous change(s). The determination of what and how, can be improved, but requires both the organisation and the people to change the...
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Harris Apostolopoulos

The role of PMO during the organizational change management

Learn the role played by PMO when there We live in a constant and accelerated change era. To succeed , organizations need to learn how to adapt and transform the organisation using powerful strategies. Main Topics: Definitions (meaning of Change,...
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Habsatou Nadia 🇨🇲

The commercial importance of the PMO’s role and how this is changing with new technology and business pressures

Often PMOs discussions are presented divorced from the commercial and business realities that they operate and indeed drive. Of the £2bn over-run on Crossrail there was £900m+ of contractor claims developed and assessed by PMOs. In this session we explain...
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Sachin Melwani

Role of PMOs in Innovation

In this session, the audience will understand that In the highly dynamic world innovation, PMOs have a key role to play. Possibly from looking at benefit realisation, to evaluating portfolios – mix of blue sky vs business aligned innovation or...
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Kartikeyan Ramamurthy

The reality of PMO in Japan

As the PMO study group in the PMI Japan branch, we are conducting PMO dissemination and case studies about PMO activity in Japan. In 2009, the PMI Japan branch published the book “Strategic PMO” which describes functions what PMO should have.  Our activities...
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Masahito Nishihara
Tomohisa Shidara

Challenges for developing and establishing PMO in IT and Telecom industries

In this session, the audience will hear about two different type of PMO challenges that they might face when establishing and running a PMO for Digital initiatives: A. PMO challenges for setting up the digital initiatives; and B. PMO challenges...
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Farnaz Abroon

Transformation from a Traditional PMO to a Business driven PMO

In this session, the audience will be able to get tricks of the trade to understand the requirements of a PMO in todays world. Main Topics: Approach Measurements Stakeholders Tools  
Asif Virani

Setting up a PMO From Scratch – The First 100 Days

The first 100 days for any leader entering office marks a major milestone. He/she is judged on the performance during that period and the opinion set during that time persists throughout his/her tenure. As a PMO leader, you should take...
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Hussain Bandukwala 🇨🇦

“Individuals and Interactions Over Processes and Tools”, how to lead the change to an agile mindset inside the organizations

Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools is the first value of the Agile Manifesto. Nowadays, many organizations running digital transformation programs are trying to implement agile ways of working in order to drive the desired transformation. In this session,...
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Ricardo Sastre Martín

The PMO that Challenges Status Quo

In this session, the audience will firstly understand how a traditional PMO is being run vs the new AGILE ways of running a PMO balancing res tapes, processes and procedures while also breaking silos and challenging status quo by still...
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Christopher Martin

The Tangible & Intangible Metrics to Measure PMO success

The role of the PMO has become indispensable in organizations. It supports aligning projects to strategic business goals and helps deliver them on time, within budget. It is important for a PMO to have a process to measure their own...
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Adi Prasetyo

Implementation of the BRF Corporate PMO with the use of the PMO Value Ring – Case Study

In this session, the audience will learn about the application of the PMO Value Ring methodology at BRF, which justified the implementation of the Corporate PMO, connecting 25 existing company PMOs with a focus on realization of benefits. The methodology...
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Claudio Boros 🇧🇷

How to increase success in your PMO, applying Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) in construction project

In this session, the attendees will know one of the best tools for Engineering and Construction projects. PDRI (acronym to Project Definition Rating Index) is the research result developed by Construction Industry Institute. This is a must tool for the...
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Eduardo Fernandini

The PMO as the Agile Transformation Agent

In this session the audience will be presented to a case study showing how a traditional organization in Brazil structured a PMO using the PMO Value Ring methodology and elected it as the agile transformation agent. The session will also...
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Giovanni Giazzon 🇧🇷

PMO delivered successfull project

In this session the audience will know the important of PMO to lead and deliver Asian Games 2018 Jakarta-Palembang successfully. Asian Games 2018 is a high spirit and make proud of Indonesian people and celebrate to be a success event...
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Jadi Martuahman

Personal Agility Light House™ Model for PMOs

Personal Agility is the future skill of a leader in most innovative companies. This is the future for you! You need to start from yourself in order to change the environment around you. Emotions are impediments to organizational growth. Allow...
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Raji Sivaraman
Michal Raczka

How to make your PMO increasingly valued by your company

How many times have you had the feeling that you are doing your best to implement good project management practices in your company, and despite all your efforts, few people really recognise and value your work? In his talk, Americo...
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Americo Pinto 🇧🇷

Top 5 PMO Challenges in Indonesia

Defining PMO Challenges in Indonesia, The audience will get the inspiration of how PMO developed in Indonesia. Main Topics: PMO People in Indonesia, the background, community, industry Unclear positioning, function, and value of the PMO Politics pressure in office that...
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Novelly Nursavitri
Akbar Azwir

Setting up a Transformation Programme Office

Transformation programmes continue to fail to meet their objectives and deliver the expected value, despite the reasons being well documented in various project management surveys and literature. As transformation is largely a road of discovery towards an envisioned future state,...
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Marlene Young
Dalene Grobler

The (unexpected) pivotal role of the PMO in an Agile transition

In this session the audience will learn about the role of the PMO when an organisation embarks on an Agile transition. By first exploring the soul of the PMO we will then dive deeper into the added value of PMOs...
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Remco te Winkel

How to enable your pmo to deliver real value to the company

In this session the audience will see a set of practices that can help a PMO to deliver value to business in a simple and practical way. The audience will understand a real case study of a Company with project...
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Washington Souza 🇧🇷

Saving Troubled Programs

Many a times a program manager is handed the reins of an initiative that is either behind schedule, rife with issues and a few more issues typically because organisations underestimate the complexity of programs and ask project managers to handle...
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Anand VijayaKumar

Role of Agile PMO & Leadership for Enterprise wide Agility

Get an insight how setting up an Agile PMO will help in smooth execution of newer and existing engagements in Agile delivery model and help delivery teams to learn and adapt through empiricism. It will also help the audience to...
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Gaurav Dhooper

Bridging the strategy-to-execution gap: the PMO at the heart of Success

When asked why strategy fails, a majority of leaders point to poor execution rather than formulation. While only half of all strategy initiatives meet the expectations of business leaders, chances of success can be significantly increased by executing your strategy...
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Frederic Casagrande

How to be a good project manager: Best advice from 30 top influencers in Project Management

As a project manager, I have always followed some of the best project management professionals in the world through social media to learn and improve my hard and soft skills. They have always inspired me with good advice and tips...
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Rogerio Manso 🇨🇦

Taking your PMO to the Future of Work Management

In this session, the audience will discover how PMO’s can get better visibility of their portfolios, improve resource management, enhance governance and automate reporting through through the Microsoft Office 365 platform; specifically Project, Teams and the Power Platform. Main Topics:...
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Baz Khinda

Launching PMO in a digital environment

In this session, the audience will understand the steps that we have executed into launching the PMO, the deviations against the original plan, the obstacles that we encountered and some key learning about the critical success factors. All these will...
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Liviu Petre

Main Blocking and Enabling Factors in the Introduction of a PPM System

During this session they will be presented the most important aspects that influence the introduction of a Project Portfolio Management system within a Company or a Company area. On the basis of the experience accumulated in 20 years with several...
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Maurizio Ciraolo

Why Program MGMT is an Important Part of Strategy Execution

The project management offices had a strong influence on business operations worldwide. Thanks to the onset of the digital transformation era, it has been a busy year for every PMO. Following are the trends you might capture in 2019: The...
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Nazia Kulsoom

Geographically distributed project portfolio financial management and governance – Case study

The session will cover a real case scenario and will present evolvement of tools and techniques for financial management of large portfolio of projects. The session will start from presenter’s company management objectives and show the way how presenter’s team...
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Marek Rudnicki

Investment in Project Managers and Capability

Project delivery is only as good as the people doing the delivering. We think the trend towards building capability through people is going to continue.
Ashraf Hamdan

The End of Strategy: A Tragedy in Three Acts

An excellent transformation strategy can fail because of the complexity of the environment, the organizational culture and, especially, the indicators established to evaluate people’s performance, after all, they are still largely responsible for executing the strategy. As the brilliant Israeli...
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Gino Terentim 🇧🇷

Will the PMO survive in an agile world?

In this session the audience will get an overview of a possible transition of organizations who are introducing the agile way of working. Starting with a traditional project setup using permanent PMO (portfolio level). What will happen if we the...
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Henny Portman

PMO as the Strategy Execution ARM

In this session the audient will learn more about positioning the PMO to play a crucial role in achieving the organization’s strategy. In this increasingly complex world with change as the only constant, PMOs and Project managers are looked upon...
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Jess Tayel 🇦🇺

How Artificial Intelligence could transform PMO and Project Management

AI is one of the hottest topics for organisations. At the same time, it is really important to understand what the real trends are and how a PMO could benefit from AI, separating reality from hype or from things at...
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Jose Luis Prieto

How the best leaders energize people on project management offices (PMOs)

In this session the audience will be shown how a PMO Leader can use a collection of tools and practices to manage teams. We will show the methodology for optimizing project management processes through the creation of practices that contribute...
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Rodrigo Silva 🇧🇷

“Operational Excellence and PMO” A new disruptive fashion or the future of PMO?

In this session, the audience will get a insight on the new business requirements and the new structure that is dictated from a PMO. New agile ways of working are now requested from executives that will support the business transformation...
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Nicolas Tzouanos

Agile Assurance in traditional environments

In this session the audience will see a case study around how we implemented project assurance on agile projects along side assurance for waterfall projects in a governance heavy organisation. Main Topics: Criteria for Agile or Waterfall (when Agile is...
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Louise Gardner 🇦🇺

Change Management Tips for lasting transformations

Many projects generate transformations. A new system will change processes, concepts and behaviors. Merging companies and corporate restructurations implies deep changes. Digital transformations implies adoption of new techonlogies to change the ways of working. And this is followed by common...
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Luis Cáceres 🇧🇷

Metrics for PMO or how to measure Enterprise Performance

In my presentation I will show the framework, toolset and approaches that are widely used in SoftServe to monitor and control more than 500 projects, assess risks related to the management processes and performance, measure employees and clients satisfaction, aggregate...
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Roman Reznikov

Business Agile: Driving a new way of working through the PMO

Business transformation is a high priority in today’s corporate landscape – a fact that the C-Suite is well aware of. But once executives have decided to implement some type of transformation, they often rush to de-prioritise it. Sometimes they even...
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Peter Taylor

Benefit Management: Realising the value of your Projects and PMO

Participants will have an insight into having effective Benefits Management, get familiar with various aspects to be considered and how the value of the projects and PMO itself can be realised using different tools & techniques. Main Topics: a) PMO...
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Shashank Kumar

PMOs in Agile environment

In this session, the audience will: Understand how a PMO might be impacted by Being Agile. Explore the challenges and opportunities a PMO might face in an Agile environment Understand how PMO can support in bringing Agility to an organisation....
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Turki Altamimi

PMO and OKRs, objectives and key results to agile deliver value!

In this session, the audience will learn how to use OKR and metrics to reach agile results and deliver value through PMO.
Marcelo Silva 🇧🇷

PMO Acceptance Model to survive

In this session, I explain a proposed PMO Acceptance Model, based on Technology Acceptance model (TAM). Where social influence, facilitating conditions and many other factors contribute to a better behavioral intention of use and, finally, the use itself.
Jordi Comas

Project Management success is about manage people not objectives

Here the audience will receive the point of view on getting more human at the time we manage a project or PMO. Using the frameworks we know and having in mind the experience our customers and workmates can enjoy in...
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Alvaro Martinez Sanchez

The PMO value drives for Non-profit organizations – a Case study about the United Nations

In this session, I will provide a holistic view of the PMO implementation, challenges and maturity in the non-profit organization (e.g. local NGOs, international NGOs and United Nations firms) and how PMO could help such sector in delivering values and...
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Ahmed El-Kurd

PMO Engineering to Accelerate the Economy

An PMO transfer energy to the companies to increase a better ROI for different projects that support operational activities. The structure of the PMO include the balance use of resources and must work with the core of the business in...
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Ernesto Olivares Mena

Transformational culture in Software Testing on the ERP projects with a focus on PMO compliance

Learning from a real success case study how an innovative and challenging test strategy and planning was built and adopted in both perspectives program management and PMO management. Moreover, will be explained how was created from scratch a digital test...
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Valerio Fernandes Del Maschi 🇧🇷

The Purpose Driven PMO, Empowering Resources to Deliver Results

Learn what is a Purpose Driven PMO and how to implement within your organization. The audience will understand the Power of Purpose and how to use Purpose to enable your PMO to provide lasting value to your organization. The audience...
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Joe Pusz

PMO Success in Challenged Environment

The session focuses on real experiment about how to make your PMO success in challenged environment that is not aware of project management culture and does not know the role of PMO and the services they provide and its impact...
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Muataz Elbargathi

Beyond Acceptance Criteria — How to with Project Success Scorecards

In this session, the audience will discover how to re-frame the go live process in projects by using project success scorecards to engage stakeholders in ways that go beyond the standard acceptance criteria. The presenter will discuss a different approach...
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Stacey Cellier

Communicating the value added by PMO

Audience will learn how to make PMO an attractive entity for PMs. Main Topics: Communication Value of PM, what we will miss in the absence of PMO  
Ayman Murad

Leader of the Future

We are living in a world where volatility and uncertainty have become the New Normal. Contemporarily, the fast-changing business organizations are best described by VUCA. VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. What about Leaders in this new world?...
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Agnieszka Gasperini

Modern Workplace and the Future of PMOs

In this lecture, you will learn about PM and PMO trends, new methodologies and organizational changes powered by digital transformation. Through real case studies, we are going to discuss the adoption of new technologies such as Bots, AI and collaboration...
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Mario Trentim 🇧🇷

PMO as Business Partner in Start Up company

PMO is an important body in a company, no matter the scale of the company. But unfortunately, some PMO functions are seen as an administrative body with strict and tight process oriented. Furthermore, in a startup company where quick change...
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Astri Indriani

Agile PMO – A New Approach for PMOs via Agile Management Office

Increasingly, traditional Project Management Office (PMO) models are being questioned about their ability to cope with new organizational environments. Thus, this session proposes to present a new implementation and management model of PMOs, demonstrating how it can adapt to agile...
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Júnior Rodrigues 🇧🇷

What are the four principles of fight and how can we use them in leadership?

In this opportunity, we will see how the philosophical thinking and practice the Karate Martial Art can contribute to the leadership and how these principles can be used outside of the “DOJO” (training site). In other words, how this state...
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Leandro da Rosa 🇧🇷

Best of the both worlds how to implement PMO Value Ring in a Telecommunication Compay combined with internal and Global Methods and Procedures – A case study

You will learns in how to implement PMO Value Ring in a Telecommunicaiton Company taking in consideration the following dimensions: – Project Manager Soft Skills – Financial Assesment – Lessons Learned – Customer Project Evaluation – External Certification Program –...
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Nelson Rosamilha 🇧🇷

The importance of basics, RIAD

In this session, the audience will be taken through the importance of the basic project management fundamental of RIAD management. In a world where Agile is king and waterfall has the schedule, there is not enough focus on one of...
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George Astling

Using an Agile Mindset in Manufacturing Projects

The manufacturing industry, independently of the product, is always looking for new means to improve processes to achieve business goals and be more competitive. For that reason, there are constantly ongoing projects related to continuous improvement. In this session the...
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Vanessa Barrantes 🇨🇷

How PMO initiatives require Effective Change Management for Organizations

This material explains how organizations need effective change management for PMO initiatives to achieve business requirements by start change management plan early to provide solid business case & improve project or operation activities. It shows the PMO business model and...
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Yaser Alnajjar

PMO Digital Transformation. Is your team Involved?

In this session,the audience will learn how to engage their teams in ensuring that they have a successful deployment of a Portfolio Management tool. A Mckinsey & Company report shows only upto 30% of digital transformations are successful.I will share...
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Alfred Maina

Risk Management: Improve the confidence in your PMO

In this session the audience will learn 5 tips on how to improve their current risk management practices to have a better PMO governance and thereby get more confidence from other divisions instead our organizations. Main Topics: Introduction How could...
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Heberth Campos

2030 PMO skills we should seek

PMO’s can be described as mature alignments between people, processes and tools, to deliver business value, this well-known triangle is about to change, we will definitely add machines. The digital transformation will change the way we think, and work. This...
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Yasar Ajlouni

Agile PMO: How to adpot to organizations needs

The project management office (PMO) is often treated as a bureaucratic unit “to which we must report the status of the project”. But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are many examples of PMO both in Poland and...
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Maciej Bodych

Portfolio, Program and project management gaps in organizations with agile delivery

In this session, the audience will find the problem that the speaker as a PMO practitioner perceived in her day to day job. The focus of the presentation is to shed light on gaps between three layers of project, Program,...
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Parastoo Mousavi 🇦🇺

Automotive quality tools in project management – case study

In 1913 Henry Ford installed the first moving assembly line inspired by a Chicago slaughterhouse. After spending 11 years in the automotive industry it is no wonder I’ve got inspiration from this sector! In the thinking of Ford If it...
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Paulina Augustowska

Modelling PMOs for Supplier Organizations

An old Italian proverb says that “The world in half to buy and half to sell”(1) and business relationships or better buyer-seller relationships strongly impact the world of project management. The first message for the audience is that whatever is...
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Maria Cristina Barbero

Why strategic alignment matters to your organization, your portfolio and your career

In this session, the audience will learn why strategic alignment matters and how to achieve it. The talk is suitable for PMOs who; Struggle with too few resources / too many projects Struggle to align projects with business goals Struggle...
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Stuart Easton

Unlock your PMO potential – Lessons from PMO Global Awards

In this session the audience will learn about common practices and approaches demonstrated by most outstanding PMOs that participated in PMO Global Awards*. In addition, this session covers some tips about elevating the PMO toward a strategic role and contribute...
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Mohammed AlAssafi

PMO in VUCA context – MCA-Niger Development Program Case Study

In this session, the audience will: 1- Understand the challenges of design and implementon of a program management office (PMO) for a complexe development program 2- Identify key elements of effective PMOs in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) context...
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Farhad Abdollahyan
Kamil Agali

PMO improvements and added value (in Agile)

Main Topics: Intro: speaker and Allianz Account PMO overview Way of working: improvements performed so far Agile: methodology for improvements implementation Improvements as part of automation Real life example Added value calculation  
Agne Taraile

Project Finance in PMO world: What’s the role of PMO’s in financing structure of big projects

In this session, the audience wil learn about how PMO’s could help to develop and incentive companies to use the Project Finance Model to financing big projects. Main Topics: Project Finance Model (overview and usage) PMO and Financial Roles (traditional...
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Matheus Araujo 🇧🇷

It’s better to ask than to assume: The most import skill for a PMO is the art of communication.

The main reason why organizations hire PMO is to improve communication within their projects. The single most deadly thing in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. people think they understand what has been passed between them, but...
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Mehreen Durrani

How to deliver Un-deliverable contracts – From inception till closure

In this session the audience will learn practical approach to identify undeliverable Contacts through signed SOW, higher objective of the project, develop strategy to face difficult times and remain persistence over resistance. However one notable thing will be the “Time”...
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Rizwan Ul Haq Chaudhary

Effect of portfolio management maturity on the success of PMOs

Attendees will be learn an introduction to portfolio management, the best applied methodologies as well as its relationship with the types of project management offices and the impact of portfolio management maturity on the success of project management offices. The...
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Hassan Fathy Emam Wahba

How to Build a Predictive PMO

In this session the audience will learn what is being predictive in Program Management means and how a PMO can become predictive. They will clearly see the difference by looking at specific examples highlighting the operations of a traditional PMO...
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Puneet Mathur

How Agile and Change Management will impact future PMOs?

Appreciate the role of Agile and Change management in setting up PMOs – Will get to understand how the future PMOs Will be shaped addressing Agile and Change management – Will deliberate on the skillsets needed to support a robust...
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S. Ramani

Psychological Safety: Great theory but achievement needs more than a poster of 6 bullet points

Those of us who know the initials PMO span roles and seniority from senior operational leadership with exec duties to project technical team members and many between and beside. Experience levels range from Baby Boomer to Gen Z (See McKinsey.com)....
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Simon Harris

PMO 3.0 – The Digital PMO

In this session, the audience will gain an understanding how digital disruption has affected the PMO. The PMO has to evolve to the next generation of PMO to help organisations with Digital Transformation. Main Topics: What is Digital Disruption The...
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Ralf Finchett Jnr 🇦🇺

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