Agile PMO – A New Approach for PMOs via Agile Management Office

20 Dec 2019
Change Management, Lean Management, Portfolio Management, Soft Skills, Agile and Beyond
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About this Session

Increasingly, traditional Project Management Office (PMO) models are being questioned about their ability to cope with new organizational environments.

Thus, this session proposes to present a new implementation and management model of PMOs, demonstrating how it can adapt to agile environments, through an adaptive approach and be able to deal with the current complexity that companies face.

The purpose of the PMO – the need to adapt and the reason why the PMO exists
Traditional PMO – Brief concept about project office and more
VUCA World – the importance of understanding the context in which organizations are inserted
Necessary skills – how to be prepared to deal in this context
High Impact Agile PMO – How the PMO must act for high performance
Tribes Model – How This New Model Fits Perfectly In Agile Environments
Value to Organizations – How PMO delivers value
AMO – Agile Management Office Basic Definition