An Agile practical experience with big distributed teams in the UAT project phase in compliance with the PMO rules

19 Dec 2019
Change Management, Digital Transformation, Remote Teams, Agile and Beyond
Case Study
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About this Session

Learning from a real success case study how an innovative and challenging test strategy and planning was built and adopted in both perspectives program management and PMO management. Moreover, will be explained how was created from scratch a digital test workflow, with a focus on Agile, for a top 10 strategic project in an ERP space for a global Company with a huge Brazilian operation. Finally, will be also showed how the workflow was homologated inside a strong-global quality compliance structure.

Main Topics:

  1. Project size, complexity and scenario.
  2. Program and PMO Structre
  3. Problem definition and strategy to tackle it
  4. Main workflow design and steps
  5. Lessons Learned.