Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Project Management Office (PMO)

16 Dec 2019
16:00 (UTC/GMT-3)
Data Analytics, Hybrid Approaches, Portfolio Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Exhibitor Virtual Showcase
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About this Session

The digital era has changed the dimension of every business. The needs of organizations and stakeholders have evolved as new technologies and business models disrupt operations and the creation of value across every industry. About 65% of projects do not meet project objectives and most of the time they realize once they consume all of their project budget, timeline and resources. Results – unhappy stakeholders, loss in business. In addition, surprisingly 50% of all Project Management Offices closes down within just three years! To succeed in this digital era, the project management office needs to intelligent to help
project sponsor and project team to predict and plan real time. Artificial intelligence can drive innovatory role in running effective project management office which meets stakeholder expectations.

AI in Project Management means using smart algorithm to give real time project status of the project which helps senior management in effective decision making. At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to know how AI being used in:
– Project forecasting (AI will predict if project will pass or fail),
–¬†Intelligent Risk management
– Intelligent Issue Management
– Intelligent Task Distribution and Velocity
– Intelligent Resource Management with Skill Matrix
– Intelligent Lessons Learned (System will predict which are the projects are more
successful in X organization)

In addition, audience will also learn real-world PMO transformation story and and proven techniques for PMO advancement.