Automotive quality tools in project management – case study

20 Dec 2019
Hybrid Approaches
Case Study

About this Session

In 1913 Henry Ford installed the first moving assembly line inspired by a Chicago slaughterhouse. After spending 11 years in the automotive industry it is no wonder I’ve got inspiration from this sector! In the thinking of Ford If it worked for the others, why wouldn’t it work for me The main purpose of my session is to encourage project managers and PMO supervisors to be open to hybrid solutions such as introducing well known and verified automotive tools in the project management field.
My main point of interest was to answer the following question why are all those projects late and what can we do about it Searching for the root cause, we based our study on the Ishikawa diagram trying to define all potential delays’ causes in the following fields Man, Material, Method, Machine, Management and Environment. Having done this part, we then developed a Pareto graph which helped us to focus on 20% of the causes and create an impact on 80% of the project delays.
Focusing our efforts on the pre-eminent causes helped us to make things happen…