Beyond Acceptance Criteria — How to with Project Success Scorecards

19 Dec 2019
Change Management
Creative Insight

About this Session

In this session, the audience will discover how to re-frame the go live process in projects by using project success scorecards to engage stakeholders in ways that go beyond the standard acceptance criteria.

The presenter will discuss a different approach she and her PMO have taken recently to address potential barriers to successful project implementations. Participants will learn the elements of and the advantages of using a Project Success Scorecard on their future implementations.


Main Topics:

  1. Background and experience of presenter
  2. What is a project success scorecard?
  3. What challenges and gaps does the project success scorecard address?
  4. How can my PMO develop project success scorecards?
  5. What is the best way to collect data from the project success scorecards across multiple sites?
  6. How can my PMO harness the data created by project success scorecards?
  7. Closing