Building PMO: lessons learned or how to reach the goal

17 Dec 2019
Change Management, Advanced Leadership
Case Study

About this Session

In this session, I will critically analyze all the experience of how we did our PMO. What was done correctly, what could be done better, major steps and outcomes.

The audience will have a chance to look into their current state and make improvements to reach their goals with less “experience” but with actual results.

Main Topics:
1. Why do you need to listen to me?
1.1 Who is Mr Maksim
1.2 What issues or questions could be resolved after this talk?
2. Lessons learned why building PMO
2.1 To document or not to document?
2.2 To define exact goals or let it go?
2.3 Processes vs common sense
2.4 People vs “employees”
2.5 KPIs vs Ideas
3. Overview and results