Business Agile: Driving a new way of working through the PMO

19 Dec 2019
Change Management, Governance, Portfolio Management, Agile and Beyond
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About this Session

Business transformation is a high priority in today’s corporate landscape – a fact that the C-Suite is well aware of. But once executives have decided to implement some type of transformation, they often rush to de-prioritise it. Sometimes they even stop paying any attention at all to this critical organisation change, delegating essential strategy projects to those with little to no relevant experience.
Enter the project management office.
PMOs are uniquely situated to orchestrate organisational change, all while building a landscape that is centred around collaboration and social interaction.
In this webinar I will explore the three key areas that a PMO can focus on to drive successful business transformation:
• Ensuring that visions are aligned, from the C-Suite to those directly working on the project Leveraging large-scale collaboration within your organisation
• Defining the leadership qualities, and the best practices necessary to run a successful next-generation PMO