Change Management Tips for lasting transformations

19 Dec 2019
Change Management, Digital Transformation, Soft Skills, Advanced Leadership, Benefits Management
Creative Insight

About this Session

Many projects generate transformations. A new system will change processes, concepts and behaviors. Merging companies and corporate restructurations implies deep changes. Digital transformations implies adoption of new techonlogies to change the ways of working. And this is followed by common pathology in projects: the resistance.

Do you think resistant people are an obstacle in your projects? Resistance is a behavior during just one stage in a process of seven stages.

If the project manager wants to implement lasting changes, this webinar will help to understand these processes and offer a glance over formal tools and methodologies to manage all the complexity involved.


Main Topics:

  • Benefits realization
  • Technology adoption
  • Resistance
  • Change management methodologies
  • Digital transformation
  • Merger and acqusitions