EPMO: Putting the pieces together as a true game changer!

17 Dec 2019
Change Management
Practice Experience

About this Session

One of the greatest challenges in regards to implementing a successful PMO, is being able to deal with continuous change(s). The determination of what and how, can be improved, but requires both the organisation and the people to change the way they function in their business environment.

Successful change can be influenced by a variety of factors, which can affect the result of change itself, as well as the objectives of the PMO.

Change management mostly observed and utilised as an integrated process within project management, is a rational process for exploring decision and behaviour alternatives in an attempt to realign the course of “derailed” deliverables due to change and ensure project success.

Specifically, an EPMO can act as a key enabler leading and supporting the organizational change work, therefore can make the change management process much easier, for the associated stakeholders.

In order for an EPMO to act a game changer, it is rather necessary to radically change the existing corporate structure, keep up with the challenges and align them with the corporate strategy and vision.

Main Topics:

  • PMO
  • EPMO
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Change
  • Came Changer