How PMO initiatives require Effective Change Management for Organizations

20 Dec 2019
Change Management, Digital Transformation, Agile and Beyond
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About this Session

This material explains how organizations need effective change management for PMO initiatives to achieve business requirements by start change management plan early to provide solid business case & improve project or operation activities. It shows the PMO business model and how change imitative can generate from PMO functions, which lead tothe benefits where the stakeholders are looking for these services.

One of PMO imitative is IT Solution for business process management orientation which could implement in agility environment, and change management can be integrated with each iteration to transit to the desired phase smoothly during change & project lifecycle. Besides, change management steps can be applied and integrated with project management. Early start of change management plan & strategy with stakeholders and communicate the change early is one of the success indicators and once the new change is utilized and sustained, it can lead to taking corrective actions re-align with change concept and project management activities. However, effective change management can measure by several tools and provide the required adoption with the new change and reinforce its utilization.

Recommendation based on experience raised for improving effective change management and the essential points is the sponsor for the initiative should be active during all change management activities, start change management plan early, celebrate the success early and sustain the new change for each phase.