How to be a good project manager: Best advice from 30 top influencers in Project Management

18 Dec 2019
Soft Skills, Advanced Leadership,
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About this Session

As a project manager, I have always followed some of the best project management professionals in the world through social media to learn and improve my hard and soft skills.
They have always inspired me with good advice and tips to better manage projects.
So I decided to ask some of them: What is your best advice to be a good project manager?

This session shows the result of this interview with over 30 of the world’s leading project management influencers.

In this research I collected the best advice and guidance on what these influencers believe we should do to become better project managers adding value and delivering our projects with excellence.

Main Topics:

  • Summary of my experience
  • Following the top project managers influencers
  • What is the best advice to be a good project manager?
  • The result: what a surprise
  • Conclusion