How to Build a Predictive PMO

20 Dec 2019
Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence
Creative Insight
All Audiences

About this Session

In this session the audience will learn what is being predictive in Program Management means and how a PMO can become predictive. They will clearly see the difference by looking at specific examples highlighting the operations of a traditional PMO and a Modern day Predictive PMO. A case study covering how a PMO became predictive will also be covered to show that it is indeed possible to become more predictive in your PMO by using machine learning and predictive analytics.

Main Topics:

  • Introduction to Predictive Program Management
  • Challenges in setting up a Predictive PMO
  • Prerequisites for setting up a Predictive PMO
  • What you need to setup a Predictive PMO
  • The process of setting up a Predictive PMO
  • Case study on how a PMO can become more predictive