How to Build a Strategic PMO From Structure to Methodology. Case of Brazilian Army Project Office – EPEx

18 Dec 2019
Change Management, Governance, Hybrid Approaches, Portfolio Management, Advanced Leadership, Benefits Management
Case Study
All Audiences

About this Session

The public will learn about how was formed a PMO that manages the development of missiles, radars, armored families and rocket launchers.
It has in its production chain partnerships with more than 250 national and international companies for the development of their products.
They will know a program PMO that plans to think through the entire life cycle of their products, generating benefits and capabilities aligned with organizational strategy.
Based on the existing theoretical foundation, we will approach the case study of the Army Project Office – EPEx. From the pioneering spirit of the early days to consolidation as a Strategic PMO capable of transforming the entire Brazilian Army.
Step by step we will cover all the phases, the challenges encountered, what was crucial to overcome them and the good practices adopted.

Main Topics:

  • Introduction
  • Brazilian Army Project Office (EPEx)
  • Army Strategic Portfolio
  • The National Defense Strategy


  • Functions of a PMO
  • Critical Success Factors
  • The EPEx Call Saga
    • pioneering
    • construction of basic grounds
    • structuring
    • consolidation (professionalization)
  • Conclusion