How to create integrity and alignment in your PMO solutions and Services

20 Dec 2019
Portfolio Management, Professional Services
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About this Session

Many organizations have attempted implementing solutions and services which often results in spending lots of money, time and effort with little return, while the original intent was to increase project success. They find out that the new solution was unstable for particular projects, the organization or their level of project management maturity. The organization’s project management communities or PMO buy different tools and use different systems to support project delivery. The tool variety creates task duplication and complex supporting processes. In some cases, they use applications that are too enterprise-level or too basic for supporting project management practices. This session is designed to provide practical insight on how to plan, action and ensure your PMO solutions and services are fit for purpose, using business analysis techniques and knowledge.

Main Topics:

  • The common terminologies’ definition
  • Different dimensions in analyzing and developing a business solution
  • The reasons for gaps between different dimensions
  • Required capabilities in providing integrated solution/service
  • How to apply appropriate techniques to elicit and manage requirements
  • The benefits and values that integrated solution or service deliver