How to deliver Un-deliverable contracts – From inception till closure

20 Dec 2019
21:00 (UTC/GMT-3)
Change Management, Lean Management, Portfolio Management, Benefits Management
Practice Experience

About this Session

In this session the audience will learn practical approach to identify undeliverable Contacts through signed SOW, higher objective of the project, develop strategy to face difficult times and remain persistence over resistance. However one notable thing will be the “Time” and that will challenge your ability to take right decision at the right time considering customer and aligning with your management expectation. However with very narrow window to deliver you need to come up with pragmatic plan with a backup ready in parallel to effectively utilize that time slot.

In undeliverable contracts, you need to understand customer first and critically analyze how he envision the project and the way he has set-up the PMO so accordingly you adept the process to avoid delays in approvals and execution from his consultants. Now once you have studied your customer expectations then skim through the contract and make gap analysis that will help you make estimated budget, since this will remain floating throughout the period of delivery.

You will also learn to encounter situations, such as if cost doesn’t matter at all but you need to achieve certain task so you need to create more resource and revise your strategy all-together.

Main Topics:

  1. First identify undeliverable contracts and its impact. Do’s and Don’ts
  2. How to make Budget forecast of undeliverable contracts and its impact on delivery
  3. Managing an aggressive customer expectation and change management
  4. Managing difficult times; where Customer fire your experienced team member from project
  5. Tackling the front line of customer i.e. consultants
  6. Decision making in a situation where cost is not an issue but time matters
  7. Critical Thinking and decision making to achieve higher objective by closely managing project progress
  8. How to effectively manage a less experienced vendor on-boarded in tough timelines project
  9. How to overcome uncertain situations on-ground leading to hampering timelines
  10. Key Takeaways from session