Implementation of the BRF Corporate PMO with the use of the PMO Value Ring – Case Study

18 Dec 2019
Change Management, Governance, Portfolio Management, Benefits Management, PMO Implementation
Case Study
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About this Session

In this session, the audience will learn about the application of the PMO Value Ring methodology at BRF, which justified the implementation of the Corporate PMO, connecting 25 existing company PMOs with a focus on realization of benefits.

The methodology aims to support the creation, redesign of PMOs, and monitoring of the operation, focusing on delivering value to the organization.

In the application, benefit expectations were collected from 850 representatives of the world’s middle and upper management, which resulted in the prioritization and selection of 11 roles to be performed by the PMO.

Main Topics:

  • The context of BRF
  • Application of steps 1 and 2 of the PMO Value Ring
  • Balancing PMO functions
  • The study of the project portfolio
  • The PMO Operation Model (based on PMO VR functions)
  • Portfolio and Benefits Management Methodology
  • The network of decentralized PMOs