Main Blocking and Enabling Factors in the Introduction of a PPM System

19 Dec 2019
Hybrid Approaches
Exhibitor Virtual Showcase

About this Session

During this session they will be presented the most important aspects that influence the introduction of a Project Portfolio Management system within a Company or a Company area.
On the basis of the experience accumulated in 20 years with several types of software in many different markets, there are some common success strategies to adopts and many pitfalls to be avoided in order to obtain a successful implementation of this type of tool, so as to obtain truly valuable results to all stakeholders.
Only a few of these aspects have to do with the “technical” features of the chosen tool, on which, however, the attention often seems to be focused on. While most of these strategies or pitfall are related to “human” (or Change Management) factors that need to be taken into great consideration in order to avoid the failure of the initiative which has a much greater impact than the cost of the software alone.