Metrics for PMO

19 Dec 2019
Data Analytics, Portfolio Management, Remote Teams, Advanced Leadership, Artificial Intelligence
Case Study

About this Session

In my presentation I will show the framework, toolset and approaches that are widely used in SoftServe to monitor and control more than 500 projects, assess risks related to the management processes and performance, measure employees and clients satisfaction, aggregate data on a level of portfolios.

During the presentation I will emphasize the importance of project and operational metrics and how they should be aligned with a business goals to assure project success. I will show how our company drives business based on KPIs and uses data measures for wise decision making.

Main Topics:
– Set of Metrics to measure employee satisfaction cross 35 locations, around 8000 involved in 600 projects.
– How to use machine learning to predict dismissals
– Set of Metrics to measure clients satisfaction
– Set of Metrics for Project and Portfolio level measurement
– Goals measurement
– Enterprise Risk assessment