PMO, a way to the transformation of the Argentine congress

17 Dec 2019
Change Management, Governance
Case Study
All Audiences

About this Session

In this session, the audience will learn about the experience of developing and implementing good practices for project management in the argentine parliament, specifically in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, as a unique and innovative case in the world.
Throughout it, the audience will get to know about the process of cultural transformation in the way of managing a political entity,getting to know the reasons for the launching of the Project Management Office as a vehicle for change, its functions and services it provides, the stages crossed to implement it, the achievements obtained after two and a half years of having put in practice, the difficulties faced, the work done and ongoing to ensure the sustainability of good practices beyond changes in autohorites, being able to stand out the establishment of regulations and specific procedures in the organization, the creation and development of a Training Program for Project Management, the use of a technological system for project management specifically developed for the organization, among others.
Moreover, the audience can find out the initiatives and efforts under way to expand the use of good practices in the executive branch of the nation and other subnational agencies of public administration.