PMO Analysts in a lean-agile product-led world

18 Dec 2019
Lean Management, Soft Skills, Agile and Beyond,
Case Study
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About this Session

In this session, you will be taken on a case study which explores how the skills and role of a traditional PMO analyst have changed during a company transformation from traditional project delivery to lean agile product-led approach.
Our software development company for the last 15 years have always implemented change through large traditional project delivery, where PMO analysts would assist traditional project managers. As we went on the journey from a project-led organisation to one that is product-led, the PMO underwent it’s own transformation regarding:
• The new needs the business had;
• The role/services the PMO could offer because of our core skills;
• The change in skills and mindset/approach required to provide these services;
• The personal journey each member of the PMO team underwent.

The good news is whilst the role titles may be changing, our skills are immensely valuable, transferrable, and helpful.

Main Topics:

  •  Set the scene (moving from project-led to product-led, PMO analysts worried about where they fit in)
  •  Agenda/Overview + Outcomes from the presentation
  •  Case Study
    • In the beginning, there were projects (stereotypical PMO Analyst)
    • The change (project-led to product-led)
    • Changing needs from the business
    • The PMO journey to fulfil these needs
      • Confronting ways of working
      • Reporting vs. agile metrics
      • Facilitation & Iteration Management
    • Learnings
  • NOW | What are the emerging skills of a PMO analyst?
  • FUTURE | Speculation for where our skills may need to be in the future.