PMO trends under a hybrid view

16 Dec 2019
23:00 (UTC/GMT-3)
Change Management, Governance, Hybrid Approaches Lean Management, Portfolio Management, Soft Skills, Advanced Leadership, Agile and Beyond
Creative Insight

About this Session

In this session, the audience will a way to avaliate the best practices to apply on your PMO efforts.

Main Topics:

  • Reference: using some sources for Benchmarking, Top Drivers and Strategy to Execute, the text tries to define some guides to be used as good recommendations for Project Management
  • Succes. Business Model: starting with the Agile Practice Guide, and crossing with the recommendations in the References part, this second part tries to stablish the balance between the
  • References and a typical PMO scenarium.
  • Fluid Structure: In this last part, there is a proposal for a Fluid Structure to be used in PMO, under a hybrid scenarium.