PMO trends under a hybrid view

16 Dec 2019
Change Management, Governance, Hybrid Approaches Lean Management, Portfolio Management, Soft Skills, Advanced Leadership, Agile and Beyond
Creative Insight

About this Session

In this session, the audience will a way to avaliate the best practices to apply on your PMO efforts.

Main Topics:

  • Reference: using some sources for Benchmarking, Top Drivers and Strategy to Execute, the text tries to define some guides to be used as good recommendations for Project Management
  • Succes. Business Model: starting with the Agile Practice Guide, and crossing with the recommendations in the References part, this second part tries to stablish the balance between the
  • References and a typical PMO scenarium.
  • Fluid Structure: In this last part, there is a proposal for a Fluid Structure to be used in PMO, under a hybrid scenarium.