Project Management success is about manage people not objectives

19 Dec 2019
Emotional Intelligence, Governance, Applied Neuroscience, Soft Skills, Advanced Leadership, Benefits Management
Practice Experience

About this Session

Here the audience will receive the point of view on getting more human at the time we manage a project or PMO. Using the frameworks we know and having in mind the experience our customers and workmates can enjoy in its journey.

Main Topics:

  • Do you have the opportunity to select your project team?
  • Do you have the opportunity to select your customer to work with?
  • What and why this “manage poeple” is the focus idea on managing projects
  • Set of softskills to understand people and get to them do what they need to do
  • Set of techniques to identify who is your team and your client
  • How to combine “people management” “project objectives management”
  • Conclusion.
  • being more people manager gives you more rate to success.