Project stakeholder engagement: What the PMO should do, could do and mustn’t do in promoting better stakeholder engagement

16 Dec 2019
Soft Skills
Combination Insight plus case study

About this Session

This session covers:
1. Good practices for the PMO in supporting stakeholder engagement with examples
2. The difference between role-based and agenda-based stakeholders and why it matters
3. What should the PMO be monitoring with respect to stakeholders
4. How the PMO can get in the way of project-stakeholder relationships

Main Topics:

  • The stakeholder mind-set
  • From stakeholder management to stakeholder engagement
  • The full stakeholder life-cycle – ensuring PMs attend to more than just identification
  • Role-based vs agenda-based stakeholders
  • Tools for stakeholder engagement – what the PMO should and shouldn’t promote
  • A stakeholder-centric project categorisation approach
  • The PMOs role in project stakeholder engagement
  • Summary of key points