Project stakeholder engagement: What the PMO should do, could do and mustn’t do in promoting better stakeholder engagement

16 Dec 2019
18:00 (UTC/GMT-3)
Soft Skills
Combination Insight plus case study

About this Session

This session covers:
1. Good practices for the PMO in supporting stakeholder engagement with examples
2. The difference between role-based and agenda-based stakeholders and why it matters
3. What should the PMO be monitoring with respect to stakeholders
4. How the PMO can get in the way of project-stakeholder relationships

Main Topics:

  • The stakeholder mind-set
  • From stakeholder management to stakeholder engagement
  • The full stakeholder life-cycle – ensuring PMs attend to more than just identification
  • Role-based vs agenda-based stakeholders
  • Tools for stakeholder engagement – what the PMO should and shouldn’t promote
  • A stakeholder-centric project categorisation approach
  • The PMOs role in project stakeholder engagement
  • Summary of key points