Setting up a Transformation Programme Office

18 Dec 2019
Governance, Hybrid Approaches, Remote Teams
Case Study
All Audiences

About this Session

Transformation programmes continue to fail to meet their objectives and deliver the expected value, despite the reasons being well documented in various project management surveys and literature. As transformation is largely a road of discovery towards an envisioned future state, the programme through which it is delivered needs to continuously adapt to address emerging requirements, overcome obstacles and exploit rising opportunities. This requires specific capabilities to deliver in a highly unpredictable and evolving environment.

During the session, attendees will gain insight into the ten things the Transformation Programme Office did right to ensure a collaborative, integrated and high performing environment.

Main Topics:
1. Where our journey started
2. Getting it right – our top 10 focus areas (Note: there will be a slide or two per focus area and will likely take about 3 mins per area)
3. What we learned