Strategic Roadmap Bridge to PMO Governance

16 Dec 2019
Advanced Leadership, Digital Transformation, Governance, Portfolio Management, Hybrid Approach, Data Analytics, Change Management
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About this Session

Traditionally, there is tunnel vision or sacred cows between the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Business Unit, and PMO Governance because of the silo mentality; by syncing the shared strategic vision with tactical execution the gap is closed!  Syncing the strategic vision with tactical execution requires automating and integrating the CIO Organization Structure; so that bottlenecks are eliminated through centralized collaboration to facilitate accurate real time Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for comparison to targeted KPI’s. This will allow the corporation to monitor the targeted increase for shareholder value. This requires a reliable, scale-able and sustainable PPM Tool using analytics to automatically create: Dashboards, Briefing Books, KPI’s, Charts, Graphs, Dynamic Project Status, Gantt Charts, Surplus Reports, Performance Reports etc. By using analytics throughout the organization hierarchy structure, programmed with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK); it will significantly reduce costs and level of effort required by resources (i.e. Value Proposition). Hence, a reliable, scale-able, and sustainable PPM SaaS Tool that will then become the Strategic Roadmap Bridge to PMO Governance in a single application that will become the project artifact. The “Digital Transformation” drives the organization to operate with Speed, Simplicity and Self-Confidence closing all gaps in performance for scheduled real time reporting!