The Importance of PMO to Support the Board in Digital Transformation

16 Dec 2019
Change Management, Digital Transformation, Digitalisation and Cloud Solutions, Governance, Lean Management, Portfolio Management, Benefits Management
How to Do

About this Session

In this 30-minute session, we aim to briefly explain how the PMO can support top organization in digital transformation.

The word digital transformation is the word of the moment, but without efficient PMO management that supports strategic planning to support decision-making WHAT technology can and should really transform in the organization can lead to huge financial and image losses before your customers and suppliers.

We’ll be quick to talk about the digital transformation landscape for the next 5 years and how other tools and methologies can support the PMO, such as the ISO standards in item 4 when it comes to “understanding the context of the organization”, COBIT 5 Annexes D and B, Balanced Scorecard and also about VeriSM.

These tools can greatly help build a Strategic PMO and support organizations’ decision making and support them to be assertive in digital transformation.

Main Topics:
1. Talking about digital transformation. What is the expectation for the next 5 years.
2. How the PMO can support the board in the digital transformation.
3. Methodologies and tools that support the PMO in the better management and control of the projects. (PMOVR, Agile, PMBOK, Lean and UX).
4. Methodologies and tools that support the PMO in strategic and organizational objectives (ISO Standards, COBIT, VeriSM and BSC).
5. Case of a company that is changing its core business to digital transformation (company that manufactures latches and locks for digital certificates).
6. The importance of this vision for digital transformation (This theme is very broad, so it is necessary to align Governance to WHAT and WHERE to do digital transformation.