The Importance of the Project Management Office (PMO) in Government Organizations (Challenges and Opportunities)

17 Dec 2019
Change Management, Portfolio Management, Project Management
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About this Session

It is not possible to talk about effective project management without talking about the clarity of the strategy and objectives; the strategy is the road map that will move you from your current location (A) to your desired location (B).

The project is the boat in which we have to paddle with all our strength to implement the strategy, and the last and most important factor remains; the river where you will paddle in the form of institutional culture. Or be deep and pour into the success of the project and not its opposite.

The importance of the Project Management Office (PMO) lies in its ability to link projects to the strategy and isolate any project that does not serve them, in addition to setting priorities and studying the risks of the organization in its two parts: positive risks (opportunities) and negative risks (Threats).

Main Topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. PMO definition
  3. The Importance of PMO in government organizations
  4. PMO implementation
  5. Challenges and opportunities
  6. Conclusion