The Purpose Driven PMO, Empowering Resources to Deliver Results

19 Dec 2019
Emotional Intelligence, Applied Neuroscience, Soft Skills, Advanced Leadership
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About this Session

Learn what is a Purpose Driven PMO and how to implement within your organization. The audience will understand the Power of Purpose and how to use Purpose to enable your PMO to provide lasting value to your organization.

The audience we learn the difference between little “p” purpose and big “P” Purpose. Understand when to use which version and how to apply that across the PMO and the broader organization.

Main Topics:

  • Current State of PMOs
  • Why PMOs Fail
  • The Power of Purpose
  • What is a Purpose Driven PMO
  • Big P vs little p
  • PMO = Purpose, Measure, Optimize
  • Purpose
  • Empowering Resources
  • Measure
  • Optimize