The reality of PMO in Japan

17 Dec 2019
Change Management, Governance, Agile and Beyond, Risk Management
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About this Session

As the PMO study group in the PMI Japan branch, we are conducting PMO dissemination and case studies about PMO activity in Japan. In 2009, the PMI Japan branch published the book “Strategic PMO” which describes functions what PMO should have.  Our activities are basis on this book.  Recently we have been discussing the necessary functions for PMO facing industrial environment changes, and announced the result of study in places such as the PMI Japan Forum. In recent years, as Digital Transformation is required in each industry, we recognizes that PMO should have a role closely related to organizational strategy, not just only an organization that manages portfolios, programs and projects. In this session, we will introduce the concept of “strategic PMO” which is the basis thought of our study group, and some of recent our researches. The audience of this session can learn the following points:

  1. 18 functions that strategic PMO should have
  2. The viewpoints of risk management that IT companies should focus on
  3. PMO improvement points based on international cultural differences
  4. Activities in the future