The Tangible & Intangible Metrics to Measure PMO success

18 Dec 2019
9:00 (UTC/GMT-3)
Hybrid Approaches, Portfolio Management, Benefits Management
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About this Session

The role of the PMO has become indispensable in organizations. It supports aligning projects to strategic business goals and helps deliver them on time, within budget. It is important for a PMO to have a process to measure their own success. There are many performance measures (metrics) that are essential for PMOs to add value and deliver results. The right metrics provide decision makers with the information they need to manage projects successfully. These metrics relate to the four core business drivers: strategic alignment, operational efficiency, excellent execution, and high value delivered. A smart PMO will implement processes to track and communicate success. This means that they are ready to demonstrate value. However, the true value of a PMO doesn’t necessarily lie within just the ROI achievement, financial performance and another tangible things, but PMO value also lie within intangible matter such as : empowering decision makers with the information they need to take actions in line with their business’ goals, effectively track bottlenecks, resource conditions, customer satisfaction – and many more.