The (unexpected) pivotal role of the PMO in an Agile transition

18 Dec 2019
Governance, Lean Management, Portfolio Management, Agile and Beyond
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About this Session

In this session the audience will learn about the role of the PMO when an organisation embarks on an Agile transition. By first exploring the soul of the PMO we will then dive deeper into the added value of PMOs when it comes to applying Agile principles. We will discover that the PMO plays a pivotal role not only in the transition but also has a right of its own after completion. Agile is not a threat to PMO but an enrichement of the profession. In this session you will learn all about being a PMO in a Agile transition. After the session you will be able to explain your value-add more precisely.

Main Topics:
– The soul of the PMO
– Scaling Agile
– Roles for PMO in Scaled Agile
– Thoughts on pivotal role of the PMO and explanations
– Real examples
– Future projection of PMO profession