Using an Agile Mindset in Manufacturing Projects

20 Dec 2019
Hybrid Approaches, Agile and Beyond
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About this Session

The manufacturing industry, independently of the product, is always looking for new means to improve processes to achieve business goals and be more competitive. For that reason, there are constantly ongoing projects related to continuous improvement.
In this session the audience will hear about how to think beyond the traditional project management way of executing manufacturing process improvement projects. Currently, Agile methodologies, such as SCRUM, are trending and have a big impact in software development projects mostly. However, the Agile mindset can be adapted in other areas.
The session will describe a model that combines best practices from Waterfall and SCRUM methodologies in order to provide constant value during manufacturing process improvement project execution and not wait until the project is completed to deliver a final valuable outcome.
It will cover key points on how to use a hybrid approach throughout the project lifecycle and how providing value throughout the entire project empowers, motivates, and makes the project team more efficient and committed.