Why strategic alignment matters to your organization, your portfolio and your career

20 Dec 2019
Digital Transformation, Governance, Portfolio Management, Advanced Leadership
Creative Insights, How to Do, Research
All Audiences

About this Session

In this session, the audience will learn why strategic alignment matters and how to achieve it. The talk is suitable for PMOs who;

  • Struggle with too few resources / too many projects
  • Struggle to align projects with business goals
  • Struggle to deliver projects successfully (40% of the causes of project failure happen before the project even begins!)
  • Struggle to win support for the PMO from executives

Main Topics:

There is a lot of poor advice on the Internet on the topic of project prioritization. This talk will cut through the noise to explore what research has shown to be effective. Topics include;

  • What impact does project prioritization have?
  • What methods really work for project prioritization?
  • How to identify project prioritization criteria?
  • What should you avoid when prioritizing projects?
  • Steps to a successful project prioritization process