Will the PMO survive in an agile world?

19 Dec 2019
Digital Transformation, Governance, Hybrid Approach, Portfolio Management, Agile and Beyond
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About this Session

In this session the audience will get an overview of a possible transition of organizations who are introducing the agile way of working. Starting with a traditional project setup using permanent PMO (portfolio level). What will happen if we the keep the team together as an agile team? What does that mean for the project manager? I will continue my story by adding an agile team. Coordination between the teams can be managed by a scrum of scrum. Still no need for a project organization with a project manager and a project board and no need for a temporary PMO. I add more teams and the coordination asks for a project manager. We can continue and institutionalize the coordination and removing the PM by using frameworks like Nexus, [email protected], SAFe, LeSS et cetera. I will add some new to be created teams (asks for a Project Manager to organize this hybrid project organization) et cetera. I will end with an overview and positioning of different agile frameworks and the role of the permanent PMO in an agile world and what has to change if you want to make a transition towards a more agile organization.