X-Ray of the Project Portfolio With Design Thinking

16 Dec 2019
Portfolio Management, Agile and Beyond
Creative Insight

About this Session

The use of X-rays allows us to obtain images of the body’s insides to view a particular part. The images are intended for observation in order to reach various diagnoses. We would like to do something similar with a project portfolio in order to also diagnose the value that such initiatives bring to the business. We often ask ourselves how the initiatives list can be considered in order to evaluate the portfolio.
Diagnosis of the generation of the project portfolio’s value begins with the prioritization, evaluation, and selection processes of the portfolio’s components in order to guarantee that the projects to be executed are aligned with the strategic objectives of the business. Our starting point to ensure value generation is to work on the project portfolio’s efficacy with the purpose of reaching the desired effect after executing the initiatives that are necessary to the organization.
The optimization and definition processes of a project portfolio involve a series of steps such as optimizing, selecting, evaluating, and identifying. Design thinking can make a difference in these steps and gives us a different perspective to view our project portfolio. The use of this approach is based on defying the development and management problems of the business in the same way in which a designer faces and solves design problems.