Alfred Maina 🇰🇪

Head of Project Management Office (PMO)

Alfred Maina 🇰🇪

Head of Project Management Office (PMO)


Alfred Maina is a passionate Project Manager with lots of emphasis on People and Team Management. From his first assignment as a PM in 2010, he’s gained great experience by deploying IT related projects across the EMEA region. A keen advocate of Management By Walking Around, he ensures that PM’s don’t overlook the people over processes.

He’s also a more than capable leader who seeks to positively impact all those around him and pushes others to greater heights by consulting widely while running projects. He is a true example of a servant leader, always putting the needs of others before his.

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PMO Digital Transformation. Is your team Involved?

20 Dec 2019
Change Management, Digital Transformation, Portfolio Management
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